5 Ways To De-Stress and Free Your Mind NOW!

Many of us feel stressed out, drained and overwhelmed without knowing how to lighten up the load of chronic stress.

5 Ways to Decrease Stress and Free Your Mind NOW:

1. Let go of judgements.

Release any negative self-talk about your your body, your thoughts and what you may perceive as “quirky”. You are so beautiful BECAUSE you are unique!

Scan your body in the mirror and notice if there are parts that you are not so excited about. Forgive yourself for judging yourself NOW. The more we love the less we stress. Fake it till you make it!

Loving your body is great for your overall health.
Unconditional love is the healthiest way to reduce stress. It causes you to release tension, pain and stress! If you are overly judgmental of yourself, you are “stressing yourself!”  Let go and love your body now.

2. Acceptance.

Accept yourself EXACTLY as you are… Affirm ‚ÄúI love myself exactly as I am.‚Äù ‚ÄúI value and respect myself.‚Äù ‚ÄúI hold myself in the highest regard.‚Äù ‚ÄúI am whole and complete.‚Äù ‚ÄúI am grateful for the unique creator that I AM!‚Äù These affirmations relax the muscles in your body.¬† Is your mind filled with thoughts that relax or tense you?

3. Move and dance your body now.

Play your favorite music and allow your creativity to be expressed through whole body movement. DANCE! Let go of all the thoughts, beliefs and labels you have about not being a good dancer.
FREE YOURSELF through your spontaneous movement creations!  This naturally causes our bodies to feel more energized, peaceful and uplifted!

4. Eye gaze.

Look into your eyes as you gaze in the mirror. Smile at yourself on a daily basis, every change you get! Notice how it feels when you gaze into your own eyes. Eye gaze with yourself daily and if you can, grab a partner to gaze with.

Connecting with ourselves and another person is so healing and energizing. There is nothing quite as beautiful and sacred as human connection. We were designed to relax when we experience connection.

5. Breathe IN Love.

Take the deepest and longest inhalation through your nose. Feel the expansion of your rib cage, chest, abdomen, low back and pelvic floor as you inhale deeply. Breathing fully and slowly slows down our mind. The breath is one of the quickest ways to reduce chronic stress and break the cycle of tension. Inhale the feeling of love into every cell in your body.  

Notice how this makes you feel. Do you feel more relaxed and calm?

Try these techniques throughout your day, on your way home from work or before you sleep.

Post a comment below to let me know how these techniques help you and share with your friends!