4 Tips to Let Go Of Pain, Tension and Stress

If you hold tension, pain and stress in your shoulders, neck or jaw you might be stressed out or in need of improving your posture throughout the day.

Some of us accept tension and chronic stress as normal.

Many of us walk around carrying a lot of physical and emotional stress with no idea how to let it go.

Your body is so powerful, it can clear tension, it just takes practice and the right techniques.

Your body is actually very capable of releasing tension and stress.

Here are 4 tips to begin the process:

1. Align your spine.          

When your spine is in a neutral posture, you avoid strain and tension.

Your muscles feel the most ease when you are with an erect spinal posture.

Make sure your ears stack on top of your shoulders, and over your hips.

Maintain the natural curves of your spine. Too often we slouch and cave in at the heart because we sit for extended periods of time throughout the day. 

Make sure to bring your shoulder blades down and back, tuck your chin back in a neutral jaw posture to prevent strain on the neck.

Check your posture throughout the day. 

Notice your posture when you are texting or on the laptop!

Keep both at eye level to prevent strain to your neck and shoulders.

Get back into neutral!



2. “Letting Go” Breaths.

Lay down in a comfortable position where your legs and arms are spread wide apart.  Lengthen your spine from the tailbone to the crown of your head.  Bring your shoulder blades down and back towards the support surface.

Inhale the longest and slowest breath in through the nose.¬† Exhale and open your mouth to create an ‚ÄúAHH‚Äù sound. The sound creates vibration which stimulates the “letting go of tension” hormone.¬† Do this as many times through out your day to feel light and easy. Try at least 10 Letting Go Breaths in a row for optimal benefit. Express your stress to let it go!


3.  Feel your pain, tension and stress without judgement. Feel to heal.

Pain signals us that there is something wrong  and that we have to move or change something. If you have chronic pain, it may be a signal there is also emotional or energetic pain accompanying the physical pain. When we suffer, there is physical, emotional, spiritual, and energetic effects to our whole human BEing.

We can reduce our perception of pain with techniques that also bring balance and harmony to our emotional and energetic aspects such as Healing Touch®, massage and intentions and feelings of love, gratitude, trust and acceptance of our pain.

We move the energy of our pain when we feel and notice our pain.

Too often individuals try to numb the pain, over medicate and judge their pain or get upset that they are in pain.

This actually stresses your body-mind and causes MORE pain!!


4. Contract-Relax-Release Tension.

A longer muscle is a more relaxed muscle!  Contract all the muscles in your body.

Tighten up your facial muscles, jaw, shoulders, center, legs, and curl your whole body into a ball.

Keep this tension across all joints for as long as you can.¬† Let go of the tension when you can’t hold any more.

LENGTHEN all the muscles you just contracted.  Inhale deeply through your nose and lengthen even more your body.

Stay in this lengthened and expanded posture.  Notice how this body position makes you feel, notice how a lengthened body feels.

Take time throughout your day to check your posture, express your stress with your letting go breaths, feel your tensions, and contract-release them to bring your body-mind to a new level of lightness and ease!

Share these techniques with your friends and comment down below how they benefit you!