3 Ways To Love Yourself More…Everyone Benefits!


Love is such a powerful feeling. It evokes connection, healing, boosts our immune system and helps us to grow.  A mother needs certain levels of love hormone to birth her baby naturally and to breastfeed. Love hormone helps us to focus and it makes us feel powerful and energized. The more we love ourselves the more we are able to love others. The more we are able to accept and love others the more we instantly are able to love and accept ourselves. Love works in either direction!

On a scale of 0-10, how much do you love yourself?  0 is not at all. 10 is I LOVE and value myself to the max. Do you take enough time to feel grateful for amazing You and connect to the powerful you that you are?

When you love yourself more, you release more of the love hormone, oxytocin, which is the healing, calming, pleasure and loving hormone. The more you love yourself, the heathier and more vibrant you feel! When we feel love for ourselves more, we actually feel more powerful, relaxed, happier and become more resilient to diseases. We have more compassion and love for others and are able to relate in a healthier way when we love more.

3 Exercises to Empower and Love Yourself More:

1. Look into your eyes and feel the love.
Look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself “I love and appreciate you!”.

Repeat this at least five times and feel the meaning of these words. Smile at yourself.
Feel grateful for who you are, beyond your physical body. Appreciate your uniqueness!

Notice how this exercise makes your body-mind-emotions feel. Allow yourself to simply feel the benefits of this exercise.

2. Breathe IN life to the fullest.  
Take in the most oxygen possible per breath when you inhale, you are so worth it!

When you breathe in fully and freely,  you are actually learning how to receive more.

Sometimes we give to much and do not receive enough.

Reach your arms up overhead, and inhale deeply, as in the video to practice bringing more love into your life.

3. Just BE yourself!

Stop judging and criticizing yourself.

Feel comfortable by simply being the whole person that you are in every moment.

Express your feelings and honor the true you in every situation. 

You become a gift to the world when you are fully present. Speak form your heart.

Be adventurous, spontaneous and bold you!

The more you can be your authentic and true self, the more you are able to connect with others and allow others to be their authentic and true selves!

I remind myself daily that love is our natural state of being. We grow more when we love more, it calms us and lowers our stress levels when we are in a state of love. We are all connected and whole, not just a body of muscles and joints, but also a soul-consciousness that flows within our bodies.

We are all made up of energy, we are really vibrating molecules of energy and light. And we are one! We truly are not separate as we may appear to be. The more we can remind ourselves how interconnected we truly are, the more we can accept and love as we truly are all reflections of one another.

Love feels light, easy, healing, calming, uplifting and full of energy. Love is freedom, it is never controlled. It is always expressed and felt in the moment. Love is an energy that flows through us. We can also look at love as Divine and unconditional love from Source, God, Universe.

We experience a state of love when we meditate. When we let go of all our thoughts, the only thing that is left is this feeling of pure bliss and LOVE.

Practice these exercises daily to raise your love hormone levels. Notice how you feel and how you affect the people around you. People love to be around people that are love-filled! You become a magnet and attract more love the more you love!

Watch the You Tube video above and listen to the guided meditation I have created called “Let Go and Love” to strengthen your love connection HERE.

Comment down below, and let me know how these exercises help you! Share them with a friend!



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