3 Ways To Create Calm Amidst The Chaos

How To Create Calm Amidst The Chaos

Today more than ever we are bombarded with distractions that pull us away from the present moment. We function at our best when we are engaged in the present moment.
For example, you are having breakfast with the tv on, then the phone rings while you receive a text.

Does that relax you or bring you into a state of stress?

We turn on the computer only to find that we have 10 tweets, 5 facebook messages and a whole bunch of new emails from 4 different email addresses. Is it just me, but did life get a little bit busier?
At times I feel I am swirling in a tornado of social media outlets in a virtual reality of chaos. My personal relationships and present moment awareness of myself and my life sometimes is placed on the back burner to tend to my self-imposed virtual needs. This whirlwind might cause me to burn out or feel overloaded if I don’t make certain modifications in my everyday modern life.

3 Tips On How To Create Calm Amidst The Chaos:

1. Assess Your Stress.

Ask yourself what in my life makes me feel stressed out, overwhelmed, tired, drained and tense?
Look at every aspect of your life: personal, professional, home, family, spiritual? Do you feel any of these are neglected or imbalanced?
Once you know the answers, it is much easier to create solutions and begin to live “on” balance instead of “off” balance.

2. Sit (or lay) With Your Perceived “Chaos”.


Awareness is the first step to change any habit or aspect of your life. Find a comfortable position to rest for a few minutes and become aware of your bodily and mental sensations.
Close your eyes. Breathe in deeply and slowly through your nose. Exhale passively. Create a sigh of relief as you relax your muscles and surrender to the moment.
Bring awareness to your body and notice where you feel tightness or tension and where you feel lightness and softness in your muscles.
Does your body feel tense or relaxed? Open your mouth and notice how your jaw muscles feel. This is an area where we tend to hold tension if we are under chronic stress. Notice where you hold your stress, tension and chaos, and where do you feel the opposite-calm, peace and softness?
The simple act of bringing awareness to the sensations in your body actually helps you to clear tension, stress and brings you to a state of calm.

3.¬† Prioritize what is most important and base your priorities on your life’s purpose-this ensures optimal motivation and passion.

Too often we fall into the trap of filling up our schedule with activities that are not leading us towards accomplishing our life‚Äôs purpose, goals or manifesting our true heart’s desire.

Lack of priorities will slowly lead us to a burned out and drained life.
Ask yourself every day in the morning. What is my priority today? What is of utmost importance for me to accomplish today?

Whatever is time-dependent will be of more importance. Self-care is always of utmost importance to ensure you run on full instead of empty-a healthy meal and exercise is a must to cultivate calm.
Set a goal for the day to accomplish 2 or 3 tasks based on your short and long term goals.

Feel great about every accomplishment, thank yourself daily for all your efforts and time devoted to your life and self-care. Be grateful for all the chaos too, for it is there to remind you what it feels like to be experiencing the opposite of calm!
Practice these techniques daily and let me know how they benefit you. Listen to the guided meditation called I AM SO WORTH IT.

This meditation will reinforce how important it is to nurture and take time to re-charge. A sure way to cultivate calm amidst the chaos. Perceive the “CHAOS” as an opportunity to come back to center, to balance and peace.

Try this tips and let me know how they help you to lighten up your load and bring more calm into your modern life. You are SO worth it!