3 Tips To Awaken Your Sensuality

Sensuality refers to “experiencing pleasure through the senses.”

Have you ever felt the pleasure of a peacock feather lightly brushed over your body? When you stroke a feather over your skin it causes you to heighten your sense of wherever you are being touched. This brings you more fully into the present moment and relaxes you.








A tender touch, the delicious smell of fresh roses, a romantic song played under a candlelit room, a deliciously aromatic meal prepared with love, a delicious glass of wine- all of these captivate our senses, if we choose to engage fully in the moment.

A person that takes in more fully the experience of the NOW through their five senses is a sensual person. The opposite would be a person who is distracted from the moment because they are inundated with thoughts “in their head” all the time. A person who is not making time to smell the roses, to taste fully and enjoy their meal, or notice the experience of BEing is not connecting to their sensuality.

When we live our lives under chronic stress, which is caused a lot by “chronic thought, we are not able to fully experience the simple pleasures in every moment. We are perfectly designed to experience pleasure without guilt or shame just as perfectly we are designed to experience stress under short term duration. Too often we associate pleasure with pain or pleasure as something we are not worthy of, or that is not a priority in our lives.

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What does sensuality mean to you?

On a 0-10 sensuality scale, (0=I have no sex drive, I don’t feel sexy or sensual at all, I wear my husbands boxers to sleep at night-I don’t own any sexy lingerie, 10=I love wearing sexy lingerie-I know where the nearest Victoria’s Secret is, I feel so in love with myself, my body and I turn myself on-that’s how much I love, honor, experience pleasure in my body and respect my body, I feel pleasure without any guilt or shame in my body when I am alone or with a partner).

Where do you fall on the Sensuality Scale?

How much of a priority do you place in nurturing, loving and developing your sensual being?

Benefits of being connected to your sensuality:

1.More present and focused in the moment. This is the goal of every spiritual practice. The more I am present, the more able I am to experience a God-Connection, a connection with something or someone. I can experience unity oneness more easily when I am focused in the NOW.

2. Higher sex drive, libido and ability to experience pleasure. Sex is great for your overall health, vitality and longevity! As long as it’s with the right person! And that can always be yoU! Many individuals experience low sex drive today due to chronic stress and adrenal fatigue. All this effects your libido. The more sensual you are, the more natural energy you feel and this automatically causes you to feel more sexual, because BEING sexual Is also our true nature. The more in alignment you are with your true nature, the more energized you will feel. However many times, our beliefs and judgements about sensuality or sexuality, or both-limit the joy, pleasure and freedom that is inherently our nature.

3. You feel more relaxed, peaceful and calm. Being fully present stimulates the love, healing, calming, and pleasure hormone. Your immune system is stronger and every system in your body functions optimally from being in a calm state.

4. Experience more flow in your life, passion, joy and creativity.

5.You are better able to relate with others from you relating in a healthy way with yourself. Deeper connections with self = Deeper connections with others.

When you become more sensual, you heighten self-awareness and perceive more fully who you are. The pleasure, love and healing hormone is activated when we heighten our self awareness and experience more fully the present moment. Sensuality is healing!








There is a sense of lightness and a glow people can see and feel around you when connect to your sensuality. The more sensual you are the easier it is to be comfortable with your sexuality and the easier it is to be aroused. However, one does not have to experience sexuality to be sensual.

Try these 3 easy steps to awaken your sensual side:

1. Rise in love with yourself.

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Choose to love your body, mind and spirit. Love and accept yourself in every moment. Let go of judgements, criticisms and analysis of yourself.  The more you love yourself, the more confident you become and can experience pleasure from simply BEING you.

DAILY TIP: Look in front of the mirror and give yourself a hug of appreciation for you while you give yourself a smile in the mirror with a thank you for being you! EXTRA TIP: Put music on… dance the temple of your soul-your body! Feel the joy and passion of being in your most natural state! Move your body in celebration of your Divine Existence! You are a gift to the world, just because you ARE!

2. Experience breathing with your diaphragm.



Take the deepest fullest breaths keeping your shoulders down and back, and allowing your belly, rib cage and chest to expand fully. Feel the expansion, elongation and rhythmical movements that diaphragmatic breathing brings.  Allow yourself to completely experience breath as a form of bringing pleasure and lightness into being. This breathing pattern lowers your stress hormone, and also increases your pleasure and love hormone.

DAILY TIP: Practice 10 Diaphragmatic Breaths in the morning while you are still in bed, then while you are in the shower and while driving to work. Do 10 breaths at a time. Inhale deeply and exhale passively. Notice how you feel from this exercise. Feeling more calm and relaxed is an ideal mental and physical state to awaken your sensual side.

3. Notice the pleasure of feeling through the five senses.















Notice the sensations of touch, taste, smell, sound, and vision throughout your day to stay present and aware of your sensuality. A heightened self-perception is what is gifted from practicing awareness through the five senses.

DAILY TIP: Breakfast, lunch or dinner time: Close your eyes before you eat the food. Give thanks for the food and all the people and hands who prepared it. Sense the smell, taste, temperature and texture of the food on your plate. Bring it close to your mouth to feel it with your tongue, then slowly place it in your mouth. Feel the salivary glands bursting with liquids, all dancing in harmony with the food in your mouth. Notice the sensations in  your mouth. Notice the pleasure of eating, and tasting. Notice how you feel from eating mindfully and sensually.

When you awaken your sensual side, you get to experience more pleasure and relaxation. These practices enhance your ability to experience something beyond the physical plane, your spiritual side! Spirituality refers to that which is beyond the physical, a force that connects us all, beyond what we can perceive through the five senses. We can experience God, Source from learning how to focus externally on the five senses but then letting go of all these sensations to experience inner connection that leads to a deeper sense of connection, to our bliss-beyond time and space and words. I call this union with the divine a sixth sense, which arises from the withdrawal of all the major senses, the yogis call it Samadhi.

Do not be afraid of your sensuality, do not judge it as something dirty or only as sexual. Explore the innate pleasure that is always within you when you make the time to re-experience your whole body-mind-spirit connection.

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