3 Tips To Embody Self-Acceptance and Trust

In my past, it has been a struggle to be able to trust someone and accept myself completely. Growing up with two brothers, somehow the message I got growing up was that girls were supposed to be “nice” and this taught me to be quiet and¬†not stand up for myself and say what I really wanted to say.

Later on this translated over into my first sexual experience in my early teens. I was petrified at how this older boy took an interest in me and I actually did not want it to happen, however I froze and didn’t say anything. I later on felt so angry, sad, terror and disgust— for not running away, kicking or screaming for him to not touch me and also for what had happened-that I allowed to happen.¬†This incident caused me to lose trust in myself, that I would discover many many years later in therapy how it effected my relationships and ability to open up to trusting people-and to trusting myself.

After doing all this inner healing work and working with clients over the past 20 years, I have learned the root causes to many of our challenges is many times a lack of self-acceptance, self-love and self-trust. Would you like to feel a deep sense of joy and peace that arises when we embody complete self-acceptance and trust? When we feel safe and supported by our own selves, we can open up to a deeper intimacy and feel safe being vulnerable with ourselves and in how we relate with others?

Here are some tips on HOW to embody Self-Acceptance and Trust:

  1. Lean back throughout your day on the physical support surface and experience the feeling of letting go and receiving. For example, the minute you wake up in the morning. Stay in bed and lean back into the support of your bed mattress. Feel grateful for the support. Notice how good and safe it feels when you lean back and receive support! Breathe in deeply and allow your body to be held by your bed’s mattress. You can also do this into whatever chair you are sitting on throughout the day, before a meal and even before you start your car! The idea is to EMBODY the feeling of being supported. Too often we give and forget to receive. Add in 3 slow breaths every time while you lean back for added benefit!
  2. Lean back into the divine support. Our creator thought us up into form. Each one of us is created on purpose by this unexplainable source of creation, who created all the planets and galaxies! Remember throughout your day you are not alone. Life is always lovingly guiding us to the life experiences that are meant for us to grow and thrive, if we choose to think this way. I have learned that life is always happening for us to grow. And when we trust and accept all that is happening, the gems of those situations are most easily revealed.
  3. Listen to the Mindfulness Meditation, “How To Embody Self-Acceptance and Trust.”¬†CLICK HERE to Download FREE Audio¬†and embrace the art of surrender and our ability to flow with life NOW. Please, let me know how this audio benefits and know I am a resource for you to grow, heal and thrive! May we all walk knowing how precious, brilliant and powerful we are!

We can shift our inner way of relating, we can experience healthy and trusting relationships with men and women. It is possible to heal from our past hurts and traumas. Many of us are having a difficult time connecting within and also with our loved ones. Many times it is because we are holding on to the past and have not processed our emotional pain. This is why I have created an online course designed to teach us to be experts at releasing and processing the weight of our emotional and physical pains and stresses. Our bodies are always communicating with us, it is up to us to tune in and listen so our bodies don’t have to create even more dis-ease. CLICK HERE to learn more about my online course to RELEASE AND RE-ENERGIZE NOW that you can benefit from wherever you are on the planet!


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