3 Tips On How To Get Clear and Focused In Minutes!

Do you make decisions with ease and clarity or do you frequently feel confused and unsure on what are the right choices for you to make in your life?

Too often we spend time going back and forth in our heads and postpone making any decision because of insecurity, resentment, fear, doubt or anxiety. Sometimes not making any decision at all feels right for us, yet this decision makes us feel drained and stressed out.

Gain mental clarity, clear the confusion and discover a more focused you with the following 3 exercises:

1. Cultivate Awareness and Intuition.

We spend a large portion of our day in our thoughts rather than allowing ourselves to feel our inner state that truly knows what is aligned with our soul’s purpose and heart’s desire. A great way to get in touch with the part of us that knows what is best is by cultivating awareness which develops our intuition. This practice brings us to the experience of the present moment which is where clarity of mind resides. Now is the only place to get to now ourselves. We know all the answers for ourselves if we just simply make the time to listen. Practice this exercise to strengthen your ability to hear the wise voice within that knows everything.

Throughout your day take moments to check in and simply notice your sensations in your body. How do you feel when you are at work? How do you feel when you spend time with certain friends and family members? What brings you sensations of tension, pain, heaviness and stress? What brings you the sensations of happiness, joy, ease and lightness?

Pay attention to your bodily sensations without judgement or criticism throughout your day.

2. Focused breathing meditation.

Lay down in a comfortable position. Take 10 deep and conscious diaphragmatic breaths. Inhale through your nose. Exhale through your mouth passively. Become aware of how the breath feels in your body. This sensing exercise is a form of meditation that teaches your mind to focus on your bodily sensations and brings you into the present moment, which is where clarity arises.

You strengthen your intuition with this exercise because when you breathe with your diaphragm you get to feel a calm and focus you with clarity of mind. Practice conscious breathing exercises throughout your day such as when riding in the elevator, driving in your car, sitting at your desk and walking. Check in and notice your breath throughout your day.

3. Ask “What Do I Truly Desire?”

Ask yourself “what do I truly desire” and notice how the answer “feels” in¬† your body before you make a decision. When you live aligned with your true heart’s desire, you actually feel more uplifted and excited about your life! The things that are not in alignment with your true heart’s desire make you feel stressed out, drained and down.

A “yes” answer feels light, calming and energizing to the body. A “no” answer feels heavy, tense, constricting and stagnating.

Practice asking for clarity and listening to your inner voice every morning when you choose your outfit. Scan your wardrobe and ask yourself, what do I want to wear today? How am I feeling? Notice which colors and outfits draw your attention. Become aware of the items in your wardrobe that sense in alignment with how you are feeling today.

At lunch if you are at a restaurant, ask yourself, which item do I truly desire to eat on this menu? Notice what feels light for you to order and what feels heavy in your body.

It it feels “light” then it must be right! If it doesn’t flow, let it go!

Generally when you align with your true heart’s desire and what brings you joy, it makes you feel more energized, in the flow and lighter. Ask yourself the question “which feels lighter?” throughout your day and notice how much easier it is to make the right decisions for you.

Try these 3 exercises throughout your day and let me know how they help you to live your life with more clarity and ease.

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