3 Practical Tips To Strengthen Our Intuition and Inner Wisdom Connection

You know that feeling when you meet a person and you feel an instant connection or repulsion? That’s your intuition at work. Do you receive a gut feeling about things, and then ignore it?

Imagine living aligned to your true heart’s desires and what brings you clarity and a sense of lightness. We’re all born with an internal navigation system. In our society, most of us are too wrapped up in our thoughts to be able to tune into our vital advisor. It’s never too late to strengthen your intuition, as it is our true essential nature TO BE INTUITIVE, just as all animals are.

What your intuition IS:

That little voice inside when you are waking up in the morning that reminds you of something important you have to do today AND that inner voice that gives you the “red flags” when you are going out on a date.

What your intuition IS NOT:

Your thoughts, judgements and criticisms about what you are thinking about in the morning or the comments in your mind about the “red flags” when you are on that date.

3 Tips To Strengthen Your Intuition:

  1. Close Your Eyes and Tune Into¬†Your Bodily Sensations. Two key areas where we can sense a lot of intuitive information is our heart/chest area and our gut/belly. I recommend to my clients daily self-massage to our heart and chest to deepen our own body sensor. From this heightened sense of self-awareness practice, we are better able to gauge when our body is tensing and when our body is relaxing about a situation. For example, your heart or tummy tensing might indicate a “no” surrounding a certain action to take. Sometimes we say “yes” to someone when we really wish to say “no.” Our body also may tense up when eating a certain food that is unhealthy for us, or we might be allergic too. Being able to tune into your body will cause you to be more in touch with your intuition/body’s wisdom and act on this heightened sense in your favor.
  2. Practice Mindfulness Meditation. Be the non-judgmental witness and observer of your thoughts and actions throughout your day.  Set time aside to meditate and focus on being fully present. Let go of all criticism, analysis and simply BE the presence of you. Notice how your mind wanders and then come back to being the witness. You can focus on one of the 5 Senses to bring you back to the present moment. For example, when you have your morning shower or breakfast, simply witness the sensations of taking a shower or eating breakfast. Turn off the cell phone and TV, and be one with your food or totally take in the hot water in the shower, the smell of the soap, and the yummy feeling of washing your body. Mindful presence will stimulate the intuitive side of the brain.
  3. Feel” Your Breath.¬†When we breathe with our diaphragm we stimulate the relaxation response. The act of mindful breathing IS¬†a form of¬†meditation that stimulates our intuitive brain. Learn how to breathe and experience a heightened intuition by downloading a free audio “Empower Your Center and Ignite Your Soul’s Joy”¬†HERE.

When we live from a place of being Divinely Guided and honoring our intuition, our life’s purpose takes shape even more strongly… CLICK BELOW TO WATCH THE VIDEO How To Live On Purpose.



“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift.” –Albert Einstein

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