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Re-Charge YourSelf! 3 Exercises To Relax, Heal and Energize.

Do you sit for too long? Do you hold tension in your neck, shoulders and low back? Try these 3 Mindful movement exercises while sitting or standing daily to lubricate your spinal joints and give your heart and rib cage a gentle and relaxing massage. These movements are to be done mindfully, rhythmically and propelled…

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10 Ways To Get Romantic On Valentine's Day!

10 Ways To Get Romantic On Valentine’s Day! written by Michelle Alva and David Jesse Make this Valentine’s Day the most memorable ever! Romance is sparked by a sense of mystery, excitement and remoteness from every day life. Transform ordinary life experiences into extra special memorable experiences by adding in the following ingredients to your…

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6 Reasons To Massage Your Valentine.

Touch and massage are the oldest forms of medicine and are a great way to keep a strong connection between you an your mate. Massage makes for a beautiful exchange of love between couples and is an ideal form of foreplay! Benefits of touch and massage for couples: 1. Increases one’s relaxation and love hormone,…

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