10 Ways To Free Your Mind and Untether Your Soul

Untethered Soul  

Allow Your Soul To Run Wild and Free

Our soul is a part of us that is beyond our bodies and beyond our minds, beyond space and time. The part of you that is observing your thoughts is your soul. When we live as “the witness of our thoughts and the observer of the “stories” that we are creating in our minds, we get to live connected and aware of who we are. For we are timeless, we are not the illusion of the mind. We are so much more than this, yet for many of us, we allow ourselves to be chained and weighed down by the shackles of our beliefs and thoughts. A great book I recently read, called The Untethered Soul by Michael A. Singer goes into great detail about this. Life is the highest spiritual path and also the greatest place to awaken our soul. In every moment, we have a choice to live our lives exactly as we truly desire. This actually happens much easier when we allow, surrender and release to the moment and what is.

 Untethered soul book cover

There is a force that guides us if we allow ourselves to be quiet enough to listen. Some may call this voice our intuition, our spirit, our soul, our true heart’s desire, or the voice of God, for example. Tune into this higher frequency voice of innate wisdom to free yourself and expand the love, healing and peace within. Every single one of us is a powerful being and potential catalyst for our world.

In a world where there exists starvation, abuse, war and poverty, there exists also an opportunity to transform and transcend the past and co-create a healthier present and future for our next generation.

YOU can release yourself and hear the sounds of your soul if you practice feeling and listening with unconditional acceptance and an open heart. Step up and BE love, Step up and BE peace. Step up and BE forgiveness. Step up and BE acceptance.

Step up and have more compassion and understanding and you will decrease the pain and suffering on this planet.

Clinging Untethered Soul


Helpful tips to untether your soul.

1. Commit to BEing happy. Choose happiness in every situation. Be content with things no matter what’s going on. This is the ultimate spiritual practice. Recognize that no matter what happens, every moment is a miracle and a blessing.

2. Realize your desires and passions yet allows the Universal force to guide you without over-thinking or pushing.

3. Practice being at peace with stillness and silence for Divine communication is clearest here.

4. Feel the oneness and interconnectedness among all living beings.

5. Be open to receiving, allowing, and surrendering with ease and grace.

6. Live fully present and engaged in the moment. This is easier when we feel interconnected and whole within.

7. Be fearless and courageous. Allow your old wounds to be felt so they may rise and free up to the surface. When you feel triggered, see pain and suffering as opportunities for healing, growth and ascension.

8. Let go, release and surrender to the moment. There is no need to cling to things, they will always work themselves out if we surrender to what is already happening.

9. Know that when we judge, we hurt ourselves and others because we are all simply mirrors of one another. Realize that loving full acceptance and allowance promotes optimal health and brings us back Home to the experience of who we are.

10. Trust in the way of things. Trust that there is a powerful force that is always seeking what is for your highest good and the good of all. Don’t question “why” things are happening the way they are unfolding. Trust that you don’t need to know everything, or understand, you can simply BE and that is enough.


Be Still Ram Dass

YOU become an untethered soul when you allow yourself to show up, just as you ARE.

For each and everyone of us IS innately free, spontaneous, and a divine manifestation with a unique essence or soul.

What helps you connect to your essence? Share with us your tips! Comment down below. I love to know!