Release and Heal Audio Course


Would you like to learn how to be your own source of stress release throughout the day? Experience this four part audio course to strengthen your intuition, process emotional and physical stress, chronic pain and feel whole from the inside out. This audio course also teaches you how to release resentments in your mind by reprogramming your sub-conscious beliefs and aligning your new beliefs in your body with key elements featured in the Alva Method Self-Healing Mastery Program.



This Audio Course includes Four Guided Meditations to teach you how to:

Step 1: Deepen Your Intuitive Body Wisdom Awareness

Step 2: Release The Past, Process and Flow Trapped Emotions and Chronic Pains In Your Body

Step 3: Accelerated Integration: Feel Whole From The Inside Out

Step 4: How To Forgive Mentally, Physically and Energetically/Emotionally

*Bonus Exercise: Embody Forgiveness and Release Past Hurts PDF Download

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