Pregnancy NURTURING MOVES® is a holistic and integrative form of birth and post-partum recovery preparation that blends the science of physical therapy with yoga, belly dance, massage and energy medicine. 

This 6 week program consists of 90 minute classes that meet once weekly.  Learn different ways to de-stress, induce deep relaxation, exercise, stimulate optimal growth for both mother and baby and also ease the fear of labor and delivery regardless how you birth. 

Every class is designed for your unique needs during pregnancy as it has been created by Pre/Postnatal Specialist Michelle Alva, licensed physical therapist, yoga therapist, energy healer, belly dance teacher and infant massage instructor with 20 years experience.

Her passion is to be a catalyst for global peace, love and empowerment and has created Nurturing Moves® to cultivate a healthier and more loving world. Her mission is to educate and empower women all over the world on how to promote optimal health for both mother and baby during pregnancy, so they may both benefit for a lifetime.

All classes abide by the American College Of Obstetrics and Gynecology Exercise Guidelines.

Group Classes consist of a 6-week series that meets once per week. Private one-on-one Nurturing Moves® sessions and Pre/Postnatal Integrative Healing Massage and Bodywork Sessions are available.
Classes now forming. Contact Michelle Alva at for details.

Nurturing Moves teaches you and your baby:

  • How to establish healthy brain wave patterns to induce a state of deep relaxation and conscious surrender to the miracle of your natural birthing ability.

  • How to connect and bond with baby before, during, and after birth

  • How to use mindful movements, postures, sound, visualization, and guided imagery to assist with cultivating a healthy pregnancy, labor, and birth experience.

  • Mindfulness meditation to sustain a calm and alert mental and physical state during pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum

  • Strength training and coordination of both ventilatory and postural muscles to promote optimal health and prevent common musculo-skeletal complaints associated with the changes that pregnancy brings

  • How to train your mind-body for the marathon of labor while connecting to your baby, having fun, and preventing back, neck, and pelvic tension.

  • Learn how to activate the Core Quartet and breathe the way nature intended to improve the flexibility of your pelvic joints, to aid in the birthing process, and reduce pain perception (Individuals that practice Nurturing Moves experience “unusually short labors”).

  • Tone, lengthen, and properly recruit specific muscles that weaken and tighten during pregnancy, labor, and childbirth based on latest research

  • Learn key exercises to activate your natural abdominal corset, prevent stretch marks, incontinence, pelvic floor weakness, muscle tightness, and fatigue

  • Learn how to consciously surrender into and sustain the ideal mental and physical state for birth.

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