Are You Ready To Balance, Clear and Energize Your 7 Major Chakras From The Inside Out?

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How To Clear and Balance Your Chakras Audio Online Course with Michelle Alva, Quantum Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist and Intuitive Healing Catalyst empowers and educates you on how to release fear, stress and anxiety while healing and nurturing your whole body-mind with easy, practical and effective techniques to integrate in every day life.

In This 7 Step Audio Course You Will Receive:

7 Audio Tracks Received 3 Days Apart To Balance Each One Of The Seven Major Energy Centers + Bonus Tracks With Powerful Mindfulness Based Exercises That Unite Physical Therapy, Modern Science, Yoga, Quantum/Bio-Energetic Principles of Healing, and Energy Medicine Techniques with Michelle’s Soothing Voice and Healing Vibrational Frequencies.

Michelle’s mission is to create easy, effective and fun ways for us to feel fulfilled, empowered and connected to our body-mind-soul so we may live to the fullest.
She is the creator of a new way of healing called The Alva Method Of Quantum Healing and Rapid Mindset Change.

Michelle shares in this 7 Step Chakra Audio Series, the most effective tools of what she has learned over the past 20 years working with clients, and having learned from the masters in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine, and personally from what she has learned in her own healing journey.

  • Welcome Chakra Evaluation Meditation To Assess Where You Are Blocked and Clear
  • Step 1 Root Chakra
    Feel Safe, Grounded and Supported
  • Step 2 Sacral Chakra:
    Feel Pleasure, Sensual, Sexual and Creative
  • Step 3 Solar Plexus Chakra:
    Feel Powerful, Confident and Authentic
  • Step 4 Heart Chakra:
    Feel Unconditional Love, Heal and Open Your Heart
  • Step 5 Throat Chakra:
    Feel Free To Express Yourself and Speak Your Truth
  • Step 6 Third Eye Chakra:
    Feel Your Sixth Sense and Intuition
  • Step 7 Crown Chakra:
    Feel One With All.
  • Bonus Meditation To Balance 7 Chakras!
    Toning To Balance All The Chakras

A sound experience with artists such as Peruquois,  Daniel Andai and David Jesse Kennet, along with Michelle’s unique exercises to balance, clear and energize each body part.  Allow the healing sounds of water, fire crackling, violin, drums and Native American Flute to bring you back home to your authentic essence.

Questions to ask ourselves so we may dive into a deeper self-experience of who we are through the chakra system so we may be our own self-healing and wellness catalysts.

Affirmations to reinforce the daily learning for each body center (chakra).

Step 7 Includes a bonus “Quickie” Guided Meditation To Experience Oneness With All Of Creation. This is one of the most powerful exercises that guides you quickly and easily to a state of clarity, oneness and unity with all of Creation. Michelle has developed these exercises for individuals to embody spirituality and from this vibrational experience, miracles happen!

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Judith K. Judith K.

"Another beautiful moment with myself that I wouldn’t have taken if I wasn’t going through this process. The Second Chakra as you mentioned, is very intimate and sacred and also restrained chakra that has been kind of forbidden to enjoy freely for civilizations. It’s the restriction of creation, of expanding our pleasure and desires. It’s amazing to do this exercise and feel so much energy flowing from my being so aware and conscious in the movements. I did the Crown Chakra meditation this morning and loved the feeling in my brain! It feels like a massage to my brain and nervous system. Amazing! Thank you Michelle!"

Sherylyn D.

“I am in the midst of “Fear To Freedom 7 Day Chakra Cleansing” and the first lesson was so powerful that I am still, on the fifth week taking the benefits in! I was able to do what I had been struggling to do all of my life. I was able to support myself in a situation that had been coming up over and over and over for healing. I learned not to be assertive in the past and for the very first time, set boundaries with people who I have chosen allowed to walk all over me. I am so happy that I am taking this course and I am so proud of the way I finally took a stand for myself and took care of myself by setting boundaries. It is one of the first steps to loving and respecting myself. Michelle and her sacred work is a blessing in my life. One of the things that makes Michelle’s sacred work so valuable to me is that she does it through the body. The breath work helps me to not go strictly in my head. I have had a tendency to be ungrounded most of the time and to live in my head (some call it dissociation and others call it floating above the head). The breath work brings an awareness of living within my body. This work is of tremendous value to me.”

Stacy M Fruits Stacy M Fruits

I feel so grateful to have found You Michelle Alva! The content that you are so generously sharing has been deeply healing for me. Your Solar Plexus meditation in particular came at the perfect time. I was just at the beginning of processing a big truth in my business but was still a bit uncertain and stuck in fear over the big change Thai I knew waited for me if I wanted to break through to success and empowerment. I knew that I was working from a place of people pleasing and listening to others opinions about how I should flow. I was putting out non-aligned content and ignoring my own intuitive voice (and I'm an Akashic Lightworker!). I had a major experience while doing the meditation, and your gentle voice guided me to my own truth. I understood how I had given away my power and how I could get it back. I re-wrote my story that very night and decided to manifest a new vision for my life and my biz (they are connected after all!) The next morning the process of transformation began. Over the next couple of days I shut down my new and growing FB group, cancelled the 5 day challenge I was taking registrations for and completely reset my intentions. Right after I reclaimed my voice, a digital strategist that I had been following offered me a trade. She helped me to design a system that works for my unique needs and the pieces are coming together beautifully. Clients are pouring in and I am finally aligned with the work that speaks to my heart and soul purpose. All from one extremely powerful Solar Plexus Meditation! I go through my day using, "yes, yes, yes!" as my mantra! Thank you Goddess for sharing your amazing healing gifts with the world! Cannot wait for the Heart Chakra Meditation! Xoxo

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