How To Process Our Triggers and Emotional Overwhelm: A Quantum Physics Perspective

Did you know we store hurts from our past IN our body tissues? Some of us are walking around holding all the dried up leaves of our past emotional upsets, without even realizing it… and from what I have learned from Quantum Physics… we attract into our lives what we are, not what we want.…

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Forgiveness Gifts Us With Freedom: Learn How Now

Watch Video Below “HOW TO REALLY Forgive” with Michelle Alva Did you know resentment and holding grudges elevates your blood pressure and causes you to live in chronic stress mode? FORGIVENESS is a form of release, it calms us and elevates our inner connection and allows us to feel more and experience a deeper love.…

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How To Relate To Our “Dis-Ease” In Order To Heal

Did you know HOW we relate to our body and our dis-ease actually effects our overall health and our ability to heal our dis-ease? Watch this video interview from Plumb Talk Productions where Shelley Plumb asks Michelle Alva, Creator Of The Alva Method Of Quantum Healing Bodywork and Rapid Mindset Change Bodywork to explain the…

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How To Balance and Heal with Sound In Every Day Life

Did you know each and everyone of us emits a sound frequency? According to Dr. Joe Dispenza, we are 99.9999% made up of energy, and only 0.00001% made up of matter. Therefore, we can effect our human body using light and sound. These forms of wellness and healing are safe and gentle and create “major healing…

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