Are You Ready and Willing To Be Your Own Source of Stress Release, Joy, Clarity and Lightness?

Listen To This Powerful Audio "Empower Your Center, Ignite Your Soul's Joy" by Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer

Are you ready to live full of energy, contentment, creativity, passion and joy? Imagine waking up every morning feeling expansive, enthusiastic, fully alive and connected to your heart, soul and whole self. Allow Michelle Alva, Holistic Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer to guide you with easy, effective and fun ways to process and heal our past, live integrated, radiantly healthy and full of natural vitality.

Michelle Alva, Physical Therapist and Intuitive Healer

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Michelle Alva has spent the past 20 years studying, learning, and embodying the most effective, easy and fun ways to self-heal and optimize health with the intention to facilitate "Major Healing with Minor Effort." Michelle's passion is bridging modern science with ancient wisdom approaches such as yoga, belly dance, and shamanic based energy healing practices.  She is a Licensed Physical Therapist, Yoga Therapist, Infant Massage Instructor, Belly Dance Teacher, Sound Healer and Energy Medicine Practitioner.

Fear To Freedom 7 Day Chakra Audio Course

In This 7 Day Audio Course You Will Receive:

7 Audio Tracks + Bonus Tracks With Powerful Exercises That Unite Science, Yoga, Bio-Energetics, and Vibrational Medicine Techniques with Michelle’s Soothing Voice and Healing Vibrational Frequencies:

Michelle’s mission is to create easy, effective and fun ways for us to feel fulfilled, empowered and connected to our body-mind-soul so we may live life to the fullest.
She shares in this 7 Day Audio Series, the most effective tools of what she has learned over the past 20 years working with clients, and having learned from the masters in the field of mind-body-spirit medicine, and personally from what she has learned in her own healing journey.

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  • Day 1 Root Chakra
    Feel Safe, Grounded and Supported
  • Day 2 Sacral Chakra:
    Feel Pleasure, Sensual, Sexual and Creative
  • Day 3 Solar Plexus Chakra:
    Feel Powerful, Confident and Authentic
  • Day 4 Heart Chakra:
    Feel Unconditional Love, Heal and Open Your Heart
  • Day 5 Throat Chakra:
    Feel Free To Express Yourself and Speak Your Truth
  • Day 6 Third Eye Chakra:
    Feel Your Sixth Sense and Intuition
  • Day 7 Crown Chakra:
    Feel One With All.
  • Day 8 Surprise Bonus!
    Toning To Balance All The Chakras

A sound experience with artists such as Peruquois,  Daniel Andai and David Jesse Kennet, along with Michelle’s unique exercises to balance, clear and energize each body part.  Allow the healing sounds of water, fire crackling, violin, drums and Native American Flute to bring you back home to your authentic essence.

Questions to ask ourselves so we may dive into a deeper self-experience of who we are through the chakra system so we may be our own self-healing and wellness catalysts.

Affirmations to reinforce the daily learning for each body center (chakra).

Day 7 Includes a bonus “Quickie” Guided Meditation To Experience Oneness With All Of Creation. This is one of the most powerful exercises that guides you quickly and easily to a state of clarity, oneness and unity with all of Creation. Michelle has developed these exercises for individuals to embody spirituality and from this vibrational experience, miracles happen!

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We've Jam Packed In These Special Bonuses To Make This Even Easier...

  • Day 7 Includes a bonus

    “Quickie” Guided Meditation To Experience Oneness With All Of Creation. This is one of the most powerful exercises that guides you quickly and easily to a state of clarity, oneness and unity with all of Creation. Michelle has developed these exercises for individuals to embody spirituality and from this experiencing miracles happen!

  • Bonus Track on Day 8

    “Sacred Sound Chakra Guided Meditation.” Michelle will guide you to optimize healing and balance through the use of sacred sounds for each energy center. Original music performed by David Jesse Kennet and produced by Robinson Eikenberry.

We just finished our Sexy Younger You Retreat on Sea Island Georgia, where we hosted our VIP clients in a very grounding, restorative, rejuvenating and healing 4 day program. We loved having Michelle Alva as our guest for the past two years at our Sexy Younger You Retreats. She is our physical therapist, energy healer, and dance movement specialist. Michelle brings out in women that inner child, that playfulness; she reconnects us to that beautiful, sensual, temptress side of ourselves that just ignites our joie de vivre. She does this through the science and healing art of her practice. She is a physical therapist, so with her bodywork and dance movement work, she really connects women into their feminine again and makes them feel comfortable, while also holding a safe and heart-centered space for us. Michelle is an amazing contribution to our retreats. We look forward to having her at our next one! Thank you Michelle! -Dr. Anna Cabeca, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Functional Medicine, Hormone and Age Management Specialist. 

“Michelle Alva helps you get back into your Heart and to remember who you really Are. She is truly one of the most powerful healers I have ever met because she empowers you to awaken to your own inner Healer. Her background as a Physical Therapist enables her to offer a unique approach to the body, masterfully blending science and spirit in her healing sessions. Not only is she helpful in her ability to intuitively pin point exactly what is going on physically/emotionally but she then gives practical tools for self care and self healing which I found immensely empowering. To this day I am blessed to continue to use the simple techniques she shared which have been so deeply transformational. Thank-you so much Michelle!!”David Jesse, Holistic Allergist and Vocal Sound Healer

“Last night I had the pleasure to experience an Emotional Release transformational healing session called Psych-k facilitated by the amazing Michelle Alva. I was experiencing some physical and emotional pain and seeking relief. The entire session lasted only 20 min and was on the phone! But I started to feel the shifts and healing effects in the first 5 minutes!! It was like a heavy layer of illusion was peeling off me. I felt lighter, more hopefull and joyfull afterwards. I couldn’t believe how fast it works! Michelle is such a gifted healer and I’m so grateful for her incredible intuitive abilities. I totally recommend this as a way to rewire the brain and restore inner harmony and balance quickly and easily!” -Inessa Freylekhman, Feng Shui Healer 

“I was drawn to Michelle the second I met her! Her soothing voice, irresistible charm, and genuine kindness instantly captivated me. In her presence, I feel cared for and comforted. Michelle’s unique combination of God and science is truly magical. I didn’t fully understand how to release my pain until my session with Michelle. To the beat of drums, we worked on my breathing while shedding traumas and pains of the past. Unexpectedly, my body understood what it needed to do. I was so connected to my body. I was connected to the energy all around me. It felt amazing to release old tensions and begin to heal!

Thank you Michelle, for guiding me and supporting me. Thank you for reminding me that I am a Goddess! Thank you for waking up the temple inside of me!

Working with Michelle is an experience like no other. If you’re ready to love yourself more and ignite the Goddess within, don’t wait any longer, and begin to heal your body with Michelle’s loving guidance and expertise.”-Ines Battistini, Relationship Builder and Strategist, Contagious Organizer

“Michelle has been a gift in my life; she has helped me to re-connect with my needs, to free myself from beliefs and to express myself in every sense, even in my sensuality. Her treatments have brought me wellness and a lot of love. Every time I go out of my “spiritual spa” sessions with Michelle, I feel love in my body, my libido is activated and there is actually a feeling of goddess fire inside, that my husband notices immediately  Thank you Michelle, for creating a sacred space where every woman can just be.. as we are: DIVINE GODDESSES. I am grateful for having you in my journey !” – Menchi Lizarralde, Psychologist & Leadership Coach 

Yesterday I gifted myself an Emotional Release Bodywork with Sound Healing Session with Michelle Alva for a birthday present to myself, to my soul. I can honestly say that this woman is a saint. Thank you for being authentic you and standing in your truth to guide the way!!!! If you don’t know Michelle, she is so intuitive, nurturing, and supportive to what serves you. Yesterday I shed pounds of emotional-energetic heaviness that I didn’t even know I was holding. Through this interactive soul healing massage I was able to shed the unconscious layers tying me down and ascend to a whole new level of me!!! I can honesty say that I am moving into this next year on the planet feeling the best and being the best that I have been. I am living my truth and I recognize I am a divine being of light. SO are you!! – Jennifer Pansa, Master Yoga Instructor, CEO of Ansayoga