Are you ready to EASILY Release and Process Physical and Emotional Pain, Stress and Tension? Empower Yourself NOW with The Alva Method® of Vibrational Healing and Rapid Mindset Change.

Did you know YOU are the most powerful source of healing, fulfillment and pleasure in your life? Learn HOW to tap into your innate self-healing power to create "major healing with minor effort" with The Alva Method® Of Vibrational Healing and Rapid Mindset Change as seen on...



Feel clear, light, balanced and connected to your authentic self and soul with Michelle Alva, PT. Empower and accelerate your inner healer with easy, effective, science based techniques to release emotional-physical pain and tension for optimal health and vitality.

Join Michelle Alva, Creator Of The Alva Method® of Vibrational Healing to experience a unique integration of physical therapy with mind-body-energy medicine and cutting edge mindset change processes. With over 20 years experience, she'll teach you to connect with and integrate your body, mindset and soul with your authentic self and naturally facilitate "major healing with minor effort."


Dr. Anna Cabeca Dr. Anna Cabeca, Cabeca Health

We just finished our Sexy Younger You Retreat on Sea Island Georgia, where we hosted our VIP clients in a very grounding, restorative, rejuvenating and healing 4 day program. We loved having Michelle Alva as our guest for the past two years at our Sexy Younger You Retreats. She is our physical therapist, energy healer, and dance movement specialist. Michelle brings out in women that inner child, that playfulness; she reconnects us to that beautiful, sensual, temptress side of ourselves that just ignites our joie de vivre. She does this through the science and healing art of her practice. She is a physical therapist, so with her bodywork and dance movement work, she really connects women into their feminine again and makes them feel comfortable, while also holding a safe and heart-centered space for us. Michelle is an amazing contribution to our retreats. We look forward to having her at our next one! Thank you Michelle! -Dr. Anna Cabeca, Gynecologist, Obstetrician, Functional Medicine, Hormone and Age Management Specialist.

Ana Maria Sanin Ana Maria Sanin

I must say this: within the first 20 minutes of Michelle working on my 11 yr old's foot she was able to release a pain she had been dealing with for over a year on her foot! I had taken her to the doctor a couple of times and they will all tell me the same, her foot was fine and it was probably growing pains until the last doctor had told me that we needed to perform an MRI and that's when Michelle came to the rescue and used her powerful healing techniques.  Thank you Michelle you are a blessing to many!

Michele Gust, PT Michele Gust, PT, South Miami Physical Therapy and Pilates

Michelle is a very talented and special healer! She is very compassionate and caring with her clients which greatly enhances the healing process. She is very unique because she incorporates a variety of healing methods into her work in addition to being a Physical Therapist. She has come to learn that helping people to heal on an energetic level is a powerful adjunct to her training as a Physical Therapist.

Chana Michelle Rosenfeld Chana Michelle Rosenfeld

I thoroughly enjoyed Michelle’s experiential lecture for the Healthy Body, Mind and Spirit For Tech Savvy People at the WITI-Women In Technology International South Florida Meeting. Michelle has a way of presenting that is practical, easy to understand and quick to incorporate into a busy schedule. I never realized how stressful it is on my body to sit at my desk on a laptop for most of the day. Michelle, I thank you and my body thanks you for sharing helpful and simple exercises I can do daily that will counteract the stress and tension in my body.”

Kevin Walton, Holistic Coach and Founder Of Light Beings Community Kevin Walton, Holistic Coach and Founder Of Light Beings Community

Just experienced and received a powerful session provided by Michelle Alva and her eloquently titled practice "The Alva Method." Michelle provides an open and safe space for an in depth exploration that encourages you to face any limitation that prevents the ability to receive in the most divine way. Her attentive and intuitive care, so graceful in process, provided insight into a few limitations I have been dealing with and was able to experience and process them through the body while basking in complete surrender and honor toward my godself. Every instrument, scent, and focused energy shift invited me to receive a most necessary component to my life, self-love, in the highest of vibrations. I felt expansive, flowing, and divinely aligned upon completion. Grateful for your work Michelle, and your heartfelt desire to be of service in this way.

Stacy M Fruits Stacy M Fruits

"I feel so grateful to have found You Michelle Alva! The content that you are so generously sharing has been deeply healing for me. Your Solar Plexus meditation in particular came at the perfect time. I was just at the beginning of processing a big truth in my business but was still a bit uncertain and stuck in fear over the big change that I knew waited for me if I wanted to break through to success and empowerment. I knew that I was working from a place of people pleasing and listening to others opinions about how I should flow. I was putting out non-aligned content and ignoring my own intuitive voice (and I'm an Akashic Lightworker!). I had a major experience while doing the meditation, and your gentle voice guided me to my own truth. I understood how I had given away my power and how I could get it back. I re-wrote my story that very night and decided to manifest a new vision for my life and my biz (they are connected after all!) The next morning the process of transformation began. Over the next couple of days I shut down my new and growing FB group, cancelled the 5 day challenge I was taking registrations for and completely reset my intentions. Right after I reclaimed my voice, a digital strategist that I had been following offered me a trade. She helped me to design a system that works for my unique needs and the pieces are coming together beautifully. Clients are pouring in and I am finally aligned with the work that speaks to my heart and soul purpose! All from one extremely powerful Solar Plexus Meditation! I go through my day using, "yes, yes, yes!" as my mantra! Thank you Goddess for sharing your amazing healing gifts with the world! Cannot wait for the Heart Chakra Meditation!"