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Learn HOW to live empowered and integrated. Open your heart, feel balanced and light by learning The Alva Method. Learn how to deeply relax in order to create an optimal healing environment from the inside out. Work with me over the phone, online or at live events to create Major Healing with Minor Effort and live the life you truly desire.

It's so much easier to experience ease and flow in all our relationships once we have created that deep and loving connection within ourselves. When we embrace our wholeness and live integrated, we attract everything and everyone that is aligned with our purpose. Life becomes an adventure!

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Did you know you are the most powerful source of healing?

Did you know that YOU are your most powerful source of healing and upliftment? For over 23 years, I’ve been seeking the most effective and simplest ways to facilitate rapid healing, chronic pain release, resiliency, life transformation and connection to our authentic selves. On my journey I have discovered that, as vibrational beings, our health is directly affected by our sub-conscious mind, thoughts and emotions.

I have created a whole new way of integrative healing, based on current neuroscience, that empowers people to shift their mindset, independently release chronic pain, clear past emotional baggage in their body tissues, embrace their truth and create the life that they truly desire.

The approach utilizes mind-set change processes including PSCYH-K®, Hypnosis, NLP, mindfulness meditation and the ancient wisdom of Yoga, Shamanic Healing, Breathwork, Energy Healing, Tantra and Sound-Vibrational medicine.

The Alva Method® is a process of self-discovery and mindfulness meditation. It offers us a safe and easy way to feel enlightened and connected to our divinity. The process empowers us by teaching us to uplift and heal ourselves. Schedule a Complimentary Clarity Session with me today to learn how you can master the art of self-empowered healing.

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